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To resolve the problem, please, click here Also you can always reach us at one of the phone numbers provided in the Contact Us section of our site; - as you know we aren't a large agency and every client we have is treated with maximum attention and care.

We believe that this attention accompanied by the experience we've gained since 1999 are major factors which allow us to help our clients to bring the positive change into their lives; The services Affordable correspondence services - we offer our clients a wide range of correspondence services including "Unlimited correspondence service" which allows you to send and receive any number of letters from any number of the ladies during a set period of time; Personal meetings in Kharkov We offer our clients "Introduction Service" packages which include pick up at the Kharkov airport or train station, accommodation in one of the Mordinson owned apartments, interpreter's service and most importantly meeting all the ladies a man is interested in.

We personally meet and talk to every lady who wants to join the agency; - we own a photo studio and therefore can guarantee that the pictures in our gallery are of highest quality.

We want our male clients to have an opportunity to see fresh and up to date pictures of the ladies, we never alter the ladies' looks and post high definition pictures which are very detailed and well lit.

Our Agency propose the flowers to buy for the girls in Valentino's Day. We will bring the flowers to the girl's house , will make the photos and will send you.

I always wait from my man magic Valentines Card where he write me “ I Love You”️" For me it’s mean a lot.

He is very kind and tender , but cannot find this special woman to give all this tenderness and kindness TO HER. It's was so nice to receive the flowers and candy from the thankful client John from USA.

There are no limitations on how many ladies a man can meet.

The initial meetings are usually quite short, hour and a half on average, this way a man can meet all the ladies who he is interested in during first couple of days and then concentrate on the lady (ladies) who he had best mutual chemistry with.

He is succesfull in business , but not in love and he is not real happy..

He is looking for a warm, sensitive woman for marriage. But with whom marriage if in Ukraine for one man is 12 women?

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