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I continued talking and taking pictures occasionally catching "orbs", some brighter than others.When I would catch one, I would take a few pictures afterwards of the same location, from the same angle, to rule out lighting.I have been capturing alot of orbs with my digital camera.At first it was only 1, now there seem to be dozens.But, I never saw with my eyes the orbs until after the pictures were taken. Coincidence or real, honest-to-goodness paranormal orbs? (I can't upload the pictures right now because this computer doesn't support my memory stick.) Thanks, Annie Hi Annie.In my experience, a lot of orb photos can be caused by man-made sources, such as light reflecting off the camera, dust on the lens, etc.They are not in all photos but usually they seem to flock to me.Most are white but I have caught a few blue ones and even 1 that seems white but has like a pulsating outter ring that's uasually like a rainbow. What does this mean and why would I be attracting them?

For example, some ghost hunters believe that red and orange orbs represent a spirit who is angry or in need of healing.In my opinion, witnessing orbs with your own eyes (in person) is far more credible, and harder to debunk than mere photos of orbs.If you see a bright, glowing orb with your own eyes (in person, not in a photograph), there's a good chance that it may be paranormal.I also had a photo in which there appeared to be a hole straight through my head, you could see the wall on the other side. I have seen mainly blueish purple orbs but I was lying in bed last night and my dining room totally lit up in red and I freaked out and turned the tv and light on.I've never had that and don't know if it was an orb but it was extremely red and bright enough to scare me.

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