Perl excel updating

Since I didn't know about tclperl I also wrote a small extension to load and eval perl code in tcl.

Find the full source including all of the perl modules that you'll need here [1]. If you'd like a working version please mail me JBR.

This article will show you how to use Spreadsheet:: Read to parse Excel spreadsheets.

You’ll need to install Spreadsheet:: Read and a couple of interface modules.

Spreadsheet:: Parse Excel is an interface for Excel 2003 spreadsheets and Spreadsheet:: XLSX is for reading the modern Excel format.

Another possible use case is for a spreadsheet upload interface on a web application; Spreadsheet:: Read also supports the Libre / Open Office formats as well as CSV text files.

my $filename = 'c:\documents\test.xls'; my $filter = 'GIF'; # can be GIF, JPG, JPEG or PNG my $count = 0; my $Excel = Win32:: OLE- To get further than this you should have a look at the ADO FAQ at Jan Dubois article in TPJ#10 (visit The Perl Journal at

Lotus Notes can be accessed through OLE, for example like this: You can access all objects that are accessible to Lotus Script, and the Lotus Script classes can be seen at

A good idea would also be to read Jan Dubois article in TPJ#10 (visit The Perl Journal at The active printer can be set and retrieved through the word application object with The best way to learn about methods/properties would be through an OLE type browser if the documentation is unavailable.

If you have Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word available, go into the Visual Basic Editor (Alt F11).

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