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Le champion de l’Amérique d’abord et de la non-ingérence surprend tout son monde …Avec le bombardement d’une base aérienne syrienne d’où aurait été lancé une attaque chimique de populations civiles …

And it could be easier for terrorist organizations to obtain these weapons, and use them to attack civilians.” It was a high-minded case for action that the president immediately disavowed for the least high-minded reason: It was politically unpopular.(Had Assad publicly beheaded the same number who were gassed, would we have intervened?) Do we continue to sort of allow ISIS to fight it out with Syria/Iran/Hezbollah in the manner of our shrug during the Iran-Iraq War and in the fashion until Pearl Harbor that we were okay with the Wehrmacht and the Red Army killing each other en masse for over five months in Russia?But the strike also raised as many questions as it may have answered.Is Trump saying that he can send off a few missiles anywhere and anytime rogues go too far?

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