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He didn’t understand the extent of what was happening until he underwent surgery in 2012.

He remembers waking up after surgery and not having a headache, which was the first time in over a decade.

During that period, he just got used to having headaches all the time.

Steve asks Christian about his history with injuries ( into the podcast).

As an aside, if you want to read about Edge being a bouncer, check out ‘When We Were Bouncers’ by Paul Lazenby. Steve asks Edge about his injury and retirement ( into the podcast). Mentally, he was firing on all cylinders and was transitioning into a period of his careers where he could help younger talent.

Christian was a little freaked out as this was his first surgery but also wanted to go back to TV in order to do some business before surgery.Christian started getting dinged and got a few concussions within a few months of each other.The first one Christian suffered was during a match with Rey Mysterio.Steve gives Christian props for wanting to do business before getting surgery and says that’s the sign of a true pro.Christian even got a text from Vince thanking Christian for his professionalism.

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