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One of twelve images shown in this Earthfiles report of unknown, small, aerial object close to ground photographed over four hour period on Missouri hunter's Cuddeback Digital Camera.

Bob Coine: “When I first put my deer camera's six frames up on You Tube and Woods N Water TV (Outdoor Channel) for feedback that might help explain what my photos were, one of our viewers sent me a series of pictures that he had not shared with anybody because they were really odd.

When enlarged it looks like there is a more rectangular group of pixels then those made up of trees. I hope in the future the game camera people will give more details of the surrounding area. This would make it easier to rule out a big group of man made artifacts.

I just might be too drowsy at this time in the morning, but for some reason those images remind me of the movie "Batteries Not Included" with the small living UFO's.

It seems similar to the one in the air but dimmer and not as elongated.

Could it possibly be some kind of reflection onto the ground from the thing in the air??

UFOs, Bigfoot, naked people traipsing through the woods. Thanks internos, your animation makes quite a difference and now shows what seems like a reflection or light cast on the ground which was not evident in the stills.

Which I guess could indicate something, although I don't know exactly what. Glad somebody was able to figure out a decent system for that.

I have a picture that shows me back there two hours prior to this with nothing unusual in the area, so I don’t know what this is – but hopefully, I never have to encounter this while I’m hunting.

If you think you could find more information about this, please use the photos any way you can.’ Oh, how strange.

When you get to the far left or far right on the thing moving through the dozen photographs, the object seems to be turning.

I really see that when I bring his Missouri photos up as a series, and flip through them fast. Obviously this (disc) thing – whatever it is – was able to trigger the camera.

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