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If you only have a headshot, cautions Griffen, “It looks as if you’re hiding something.People will wonder, ‘What does this person look like below the neck?According to Griffen, these items appear way too often in online pics and don’t exactly up your cool factor, since they can mask so much of your face—the very thing people are dying to see.

Truth is, strong rays can create harsh shadows and make you look older—especially around high noon when the sun is directly above you. Wait until the evening when the sun is lower in the sky, or for an overcast day. Putting too much distance between you and the camera, says Roman Griffen, author of Internet Dating: Tips, Tricks and Tactics.

She’s the best of both worlds – a professional at her job and a friendly, charming person to be around.

Karina was great to work with, energetic, and put everyone at ease.

She’s professional yet warm and sincere; a tough balance for some depending on the circumstance.

She took some professional headshots for our law firm.

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