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I confronted Dominic by text, after days of ‘radio silence’, he responded immediately to me calling him by the German man’s first name, telling me I assume too much.

The next day, I got in touch with a local woman who had been talking to Dominic in May and June, who had sent me selfies he had sent to her once she cracked his story. I had already found two, and a third accidentally through google (who still uses that?! Then one day, as we were texting about the i Phone 6, a text of his comes through under his Apple ID…

(His story was that he was 29, but truthfully he was 32.) I asked him to start over, his response: “Hi I’m Dominic and I’m a dumbass”. of course, he didn’t; but I wasn’t to find that out for another two weeks. I shouldn’t be surprised that he continued lying to me – sociopaths will stop at nothing to meet their end-game. Dominic acted so interested in my life, so concerned about me, and so excited for my career successes. I am not planning a relationship with him and in fact will not discuss any future possibilities with him even though he occasionally brings it up.

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But one major theme plays out in every single story – it each their own fault that he doesn’t talk to them. Apparently he is still speaking to her, in character, without divulging his truth to her even after he made promises that he would come clean to .

Sad that he has to live such lies and not be truthful and forthcoming with people.

As caring as he had initially come across to me as Dominic, if he showed someone the real him with that same level of care and compassion, he might make a decent human being…

Christopher was allegedly pretending to be a man named “Drew Banks” in 2004, and speaking to someone at that time – giving her all the same assurances I heard while speaking with him. it’s a terribly sad story truly – and, truly, I do continue to feel sorry for him.

All was quiet on the western front for the past five months until this afternoon when another woman stepped out of the veil of deceit that Christopher had placed over her eyes for so long, thankful for finding this blog. , even though one of his incessant, insane rambling emails to me criticized me for thinking so poorly of him, for thinking he hadn’t learned his lesson from my public outing of his nonsense.

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