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Research in some of the 25 states where medical marijuana is legal has found a possible protective effect against opioid overdose deaths. But in states where medical marijuana was legal, mortality linked to opioid use declined steadily in the years after implementation of the marijuana law – by almost 25 percent – compared to states where marijuana was not legally available. That may be the most powerful reason to oppose the measure.

On the way to the polling place, voters should remember that a thoughtful decision requires an evaluation of both risks and benefits.

He's published studies in the Journal of Dermatologic Surgery which he says show the effectiveness of the technique at improving redness and flushing, slowing oil and sebum production, and giving smoother texture, though he admits that "the mechanism by which it works is unclear, but likely has to do with inhibiting the release of chemicals that cause blood vessels to dilate and the effects on the muscles around hair follicles and receptors on the oil glands."So, while it may be a bit too soon to officially declare the Botox facial the skin-perfecting treatment of the future, it is giving us hope that doctors are looking for ways to make office visitsa whole lot less painful.

Some opinion polls suggest voters will soon approve California’s Proposition 64, legalizing marijuana for adult recreational use.

That is, could they smell marijuana smoke in the vehicle? Many arrests that come from these observations are challenged and don’t pass legal muster.

If one views incarceration as a public health issue, then legalization could have a positive result.

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