Hollyoaks stars dating

As she puts on her skates for the first live show, uk takes a look at her love life. Stephanie Waring insisted she was single last month and annoyed at being called “unlucky in love".She told the Daily Mirror: “It’s so unfair when people call me unlucky in love – and really frustrating.“If I meet someone and I’m happy and in love I will go to the ends of the Earth to make it work. And I'm not the one who's unlucky in love, it's them."In 2017, Steph was romantically linked to Hollyoaks newcomer Adam Woodward, 25, with a show source claiming the pair “hit it off” immediately.I had auditioned for another part in Hollyoaks – I went for the role of Annalise Appleton [who was played by Tamaryn Payne] and I was really disappointed when I didn’t get it.” How do you feel about dating a co-star?“I haven’t been out with an actor before and I never thought I would, but it’s nice to have someone who understands your working day.In real-life, Anna Passey, 30, is nothing like psycho Sienna in Hollyoaks.Anna is close to her family and lives with fellow Hollyoaks star Nick Rhys, who plays love rat Lockie Campbell in the soap.Doing this job makes me, at times, probably a bit more difficult than another job might.

Is there a downside to playing such a crazy soap character? It was embarrassing as not everybody in Asda watches Hollyoaks and, to the unknowing eye, I might have looked like a home wrecker.We would both show off to such a terrible extent to each other. It’s nice to check in for lunch then go off and do your separate work.I’d prefer to keep it that way as long as possible.” What do you do to unwind after work?Stephanie Waring has two children, and welcomed her first daughter Mia Grace in 2005.She went on to have a second daughter with Dan Hooper.

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