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S., who, as a young girl, wanted to be a nun, and would have been a beautiful nun. M., and all of the other countless casualties of Vatican II and its aftermath.) One Hail Mary Did you pray the Rosary as a girl?

Were you given pretty Rosary beads for your First Communion? Was it Sister Margaret or Sister Mary or Mother Catherine?

I say: Merry Christmas To the young women who were once adorned with gold jewelry and the luscious scent of roses and lavender, Now branded with black, red, and blue ink, and cartoon characters, dark symbols, that mark their arms, legs, even, sometimes, their faces; I say Merry Christmas to the men who have lost their bearings, their purpose, their Juliettes; who keep their heads down and mouths shut doped up on the pot that soon will be legal, For the young kids who left warm homes to live in tent cities out in the dirt. A pregnant young woman, Kate Steinle, is murdered in cold blood.

I say Merry Christmas to them and to the other young people, seduced by their real estate, high on their stock options. Her father witnesses this horror, cradling her in his arms as she begs him to help her.

When you started lobbing insults about “those pervert priests and why aren’t there any women priests? Pope Francis is okay, but the one before him —- what was his name?

And why doesn’t the Church join the 21st century and support gay marriage; isn’t it about love anyway? Cardinal Rat’s A___, Couldn’t stand that man.” Why are you so angry now– so bitter? Do you ever pray the Rosary in the middle of the night when darkness overtakes you, and the unbroken silence feels like a death sentence?

It emboldens criminals to do terrible things because it excuses and justifies their behavior. Liberalism creates these “sanctuary cities,” (or in the case of California Governor Brown — a sanctuary state in California.) Meanwhile, a disproportionate number of criminals in the federal prisons are illegal immigrants — many from brutal gangs and/or the cartel.

So rather than trying to arrest (literally and figuratively) the plague of violence in our streets, liberalism aids and abets the violence.

And my Christmas wish is that God’s people would embrace their dignity; that the young would rise from the dirt and go home – That everyone would go Home Not just to the places from which they came, But to Him, who still loves them, who loved them first; And it doesn’t matter what horrible things they have done. and lived a few years in a wheelchair with her parents before dying of her injuries. A Berkeley school teacher was shot in the head and mortally wounded while driving in the flatlands of Richmond, near I-80. A CPD officer was just killed today, on Christmas, by a drunk and drugged driver. Many witnesses saw him shoot and kill Kate Steinle. I have to wonder how in the world this acquittal happened — with so many witnesses, including the Kate’s father. but I do know that Kate Steinle isn’t the only American whose life has been (probably) snuffed out by an illegal immigrant.

And no one seems concerned that a city like San Francisco (and others in California) couldn’t care less about protecting Americans. Those in power are so intent on protecting the “rights” of people who here illegally, they harbor illegals.

Public officials refuse to turn illegals over to ICE — even those who have been arrested for crimes. no NPR specials about the plethora of crime by illegals, mostly against women. Consequently, she wasn’t a member of one of the Left’s designated victim groups deserving of any sympathy.

People may worry endlessly about the poor, suffering prisoners.

Or they may rage about the potential of closing our borders.

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