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There is also a danger that, during this watershed news cycle where famous men are falling like flies as they are accused of rape, sexual abuse and harassment, we overlook the persistent undercurrent of insidious sexism.

This type of sexism is less overt, but no less damaging.

Both the Adam and Eve series had 56 chromosomes instead of the usual 46.

Chromosomes 4, 5, 12, 16 and 22 were duplicated to allow for additional genes for heightened intelligence and strength.

He also pointed to the fact that men and women have the same number of ribs and that men have an even number of ribs, suggesting none are missing.

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“In each of these instances, it refers to something off-center, lateral to a main structure.The Eve and Adam series and the associated research was part of the Lichfield Experiment.This was a top secret eugenics experiment devised by the US during the Cold War to respond to military intelligence reports that the Soviet Union had already developed a similar program to breed better scientists/warriors.The only place where tsela might be construed as referring to a rib that branches off from the spinal cord is in Genesis –22,” he wrote.Zevit believes “tsela” refers to “limbs lateral to the vertical axis of an erect human body: hands, feet, or, in the case of males, the penis.” And the only one of those limbs lacking a bone is the penis.

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