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A day after that happened i started wondering about blowjobs with a dog, after my boyfriend left for work as usual i went on the computer and started looking through stuff again trying to figure out the way i wanted to blow him, as i was scared he’d do my mouth just like a pussy and i would suffocate.

But i found a post “blowjobs with a dog” on Animal Sex Fun saying you could wrap your hand around it too to control the deepness and the knot slipping in, i was very pleased by this discovery, because it meant i could still do it, but i could be in control getting rid of my fear of being suffocated almost immediately.

He would find his mark instantly be inside me, humping for dear life while I felt dog cock grow large inside me, enjoying every minute of the sensations I was feeling allowing him to drill me good hard.

Because dog got his share of sex every night sometimes also during the day, he was able to sustain himself for a considerable amount of time before ejaculating I was able to fit in sometimes 2 or 3 orgasms before he blew.

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Often his cock would be out he would be extremely interested at the smell.So we decided to go round to the local pounds dog relocation homes to get some more fiesty fellas to keep me occupied whilst at home on my own.The pounds here will freely give unwanted dogs to new homes if you can get them before the Fosterers do, they will still be unsterilised. A large Great Dane x Mastiff called Jack, A pitbull called Russ another Rottweiler x called Derby.I guess we were going to get that with 4 unsterilised males.We also had to put them all through obedience training that also helped a lot as Russ Jack were both out of controll terrors!

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