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Mc Candless died, he seemed to have found a measure of peace, according to one of his last notes, scrawled inside a paperback copy of “Education of a Wandering Man,” a memoir by the novelist Louis L’Amour.

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Krakauer’s publisher, misstated the number of copies of "Into the Wild” that have been sold.We heard the echoes of shots that reverberated in America and around the world.We mingled with criminals, leaders, protesters, artists and athletes, many who forever changed their professions.Click here for the continuing feature “Notable Deaths of 2016”, and if you want to revisit some of the most momentous obituaries to have appeared in The Times, you might look for “The Book of the Dead,” a compilation of obituaries dating back to the newspaper’s founding in 1851. 31, 1997, elevated her into something else entirely: a symbol of a nation’s emotional and generational conflicts, a blank slate on which an entire people — and to some extent, the world at large — could project their own fears, prejudices and passions. For a few disorienting weeks, everything seemed up for grabs, including the monarchy itself.It will be available for preorder and will appear on store shelves in October. She was born Lady Diana Spencer, the daughter of an earl, in 1961.

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