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I’m Canadian so I don’t know if they sell it in America.

If you’re Canadian, I’ve seen it in Loblaws stores (natural foods, refrigerated) and Costco.

I don’t think we need milk at all, he’s very healthy, strong, a little chubby with lots of energy and growing normally for his age.

He’s the last kid in his class to lose his first tooth, not sure if that has to do with diet or genetics but “they” say it’s better the longer kids have their baby teeth.

One of our pediatricians (a naturopathic doctor) did a nutritional comparison of some non-dairy milks and found that hemp milk has one of the better protein/fat ratios for little ones.

I also have a friend who chose rice milk as her kid’s daily “milk” but added rice/pea protein powder and flax oil each time to bulk it up nutritionally.

I saw an article in the Victoria’s Times Colonist regarding your blog….thanks again!! But once I finally tried almond, I never went back to soy.

I think almond milk is a lot more mild tasting than soy milk. Reply When my son was a baby and made the switch to cow’s milk he started to get eczema.

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It’s so funny to see him react to dairy and meat free options, he’s always quietly skeptical and is frequently very impressed with how delicious most things I make for him are.

Reply Our son just isn’t a milk drinker – neither cow’s milk or milk alternatives. He had breast milk from me/in a bottle for about 15 months.

He never wanted anything else from the bottle, so we just make sure he gets vitamins, etc.

Reply Another anecdote here: My very robust, healthy 4yo son doesn’t do well with cow’s milk but has loved all kinds of non-dairy milk since early toddlerhood, especially hemp and coconut.

(He also loves goat milk but I’ll stay on topic here with non-dairy).

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