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A standard package that could be adapted to all situations has not yet been discovered.Hundreds of academics and practitioners are continuously contributing to the better understanding of the design and role of health information systems.The maternal mortality rate is estimated at 1120 per 100 000 live births (NSO 2001).

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Yet very little improvement has been noted in use of information in rationalizing decisions.AIDS is now the leading cause of death in the most productive age group (15–49 years) and AIDS-related illnesses account for over 70% of all inpatient admissions.Though health services are delivered through basic health service units in an integrated way, each service is administered vertically at headquarters, with very little coordination between the programmes.The conclusion is that, no matter how good the design of an information system, it will not be effective unless there is internal desire, dedication and commitment of leadership to have an effective and efficient health service management system.Information systems are increasingly important for measuring and improving the quality and coverage of health services (Campbell 1997; Lippeveld et al. The global shift from curative to preventive care, from hospital care to community and public health care, from centralized to decentralized health care, from a specific project approach to a comprehensive sectoral approach, has necessitated the restructuring of fragmented health information systems into single comprehensive health and management information systems.

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