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Other research has shown that spikes in certain neurons change the brain, as learning occurs, and can even be measured and manipulated through mathematical algorithms (Baras & Meir, 2007).These research studies demonstrate that the brain is constantly reacting in a physical manner to outside stimuli. (2009), researchers concluded that children subject to harsh corporal punishment (HCP) suffered from a decrease of 19.1% in grey matter volume (GMV) in the right medial frontal gyrus, 14.5% in the left medial frontal gyrus, and 16.9% in the right anterior cingulate gyrus.Subsequently, this current undertaking will focus on WM development in the brains of adolescents when exposed to positive parental reinforcement (PPR).There are two types of matter in the human brain: white and grey.Everitt and Robbins (2005) stated that dopaminergic intervention induced by drugs caused physical changes in various areas of the brain.This point demonstrates that the brain’s tendency to seek positive reinforcement is not always adaptive, which is a topic that is discussed within selected portions of literature (Fareri, Martin, & Delgado, 2008).They found that the brain is capable of understanding that certain information is more important than other information, as it will have a higher chance of leading to a positive reinforcement reward.

Since the research has documented the encoding and exchange of information, one can hypothesize that the movement of this information through WM has an impact on brain geography.These researchers conclude that deficiencies in WM can have adverse effects on language development and contribute to psychopathologies. (2009) showed that maternal responses to certain behaviors in adolescents increased neural connections in specific brain areas.Selected literature suggests that adolescents are at a critical stage in brain development that encompasses impulse control (Tamm, Menon, & Reiss, 2002).It is expected that neuronal transmission speed continue to increase throughout adolescence and reaches the outer limits of the frontal cortex (i.e. The frontal cortex is the control center for motor functions, higher order functions, planning, reasoning, judgment, impulse control, and memory (Andrzejewski et al., 2011; Bailey, 2013).Moreover, WM development affects males and females differently (Clayden et al., 2012).

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