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During svn updates or commits, this causes inconsistent synchronization data and the client in Eclipse, confused, ends up throwing errors.Because the errors cause an abort of the update or commit process, this leaves the repository in a very unstable state, my guess is that it tries to retrieve a name of a file but gets back null, and ends up writing this back to the .svn/entries somehow.It's a huge annoyance to have to rebuild SVN each time. Also I'm connected via FUSE/SSHfs to the project on a VM.Okay, so this is still not 100% certain, but it would appear that what's happened is that the date goes out of sync on the VM on occassion.

When you need to update a stack, understanding how your changes will affect running resources before you implement them can help you update stacks with confidence.

For this reason, we distribute a script that can downgrade working copies when doing so is safe: that script with the “–help” option to see how to use it.

(It can downgrade 1.6.x working copies to formats usable by Subversion 1.4.x and 1.5.x, but cannot downgrade 1.7.x working copies.) As future versions of Subversion are released, we will try to keep this FAQ entry up-to-date with potential downgrade scenarios and their implications.

As I said I can't confirm that this is the only thing causing the problems, but it makes sense as after my clock went out of sync, pretty much all of svn was broken on the next svn up call.

This is rather old however it has been viewed thousands of times which makes me feel that it's still a relevant issue.

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