Post dating rent check

Once a tenant pays the rent, a notice to terminate their rental agreement would no longer be valid.

It is in the tenant's best interest to pay the rent on time because frequent late payment could be grounds for non-renewal of a rental agreement.

In some provinces, the law requires that landlords give a grace period of up to 3 days to allow the tenant to pay.

In other provinces, however, landlords are within their rights to notify the tenant as soon as rent is late that they wish to terminate their rental agreement because of rent arrears.

Isn't that basically what I've done by writing in the date?

Chase looks at it as an informal agreement between the person who writes the check and the person who cashes it. More people are running into trouble because of Check 21, which clears checks much faster.

In other cases, the Fed clearly acknowledges the widespread practice of postdating.

Here they talk about how a bank can hold postdated redeposited checks and here they ban debt collectors from telling debtors they'll cash postdated checks before the date on them.

I found that they had cashed a check that I had postdated three days early.

To avoid any troubles, I send in my rent check early, but postdate the check with the date my rent is actually due.

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