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Most bow hunters will only use a bow to kill game at up to 40 yards, although the bow itself will easily kill out to double that distance.

That makes it possible to use a bow for most outdoor home defense scenarios, although it isn’t anywhere near as effective for use as an indoor weapon.

The amount of space one needs for drawing a bow makes it almost impossible to use it effectively indoors.

If you choose to buy a bow for a secondary weapon, then practice, practice, practice.

You can’t get good with a bow anywhere near as fast as you can with a rifle or even a pistol.

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When everything else stops working, that knife might just take out your last adversary.

This type of knife is known as the Fairburn, named for its inventor, Bruce Fairburn, who came up with the design while serving in China.

The advantage of the Fairburn style knife over other styles is the ease of penetration that it offers. These may seem like small differences, but in an actual knife fight, they can be enormous advantages.

The human body is fairly well armored for protection from stabs that come from above.

Between the shoulder bones and the ribcage, the most that a stab from above can do is muscle damage.

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