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He is a 1982 graduate of James Madison University, and a recipient of the school’s Ronald E. It’s exhausting, and depressing, to see politicians in Washington — people who never met him — arguing about whether he should be allowed to continue living the life he’s built in this country through years of hard work.

The federal DACA program that allows Miranda and about 790,000 other young immigrants — brought here illegally as children — to live, work and attend school in the United States is deep in jeopardy.

In January 1950, the People's Republic of China and the Soviet Union recognized the Viet Minh's Democratic Republic of Vietnam, based in Hanoi, as the legitimate government of Vietnam. At the Geneva Conference, the French negotiated a ceasefire agreement with the Viet Minh, and independence was granted to Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.

The following month the United States and Great Britain recognized the French-backed State of Vietnam in Saigon, led by former Emperor Bảo Đại, as the legitimate Vietnamese government. Vietnam was temporarily partitioned at the 17th parallel, and under the terms of the Geneva Accords, civilians were to be given the opportunity to move freely between the two provisional states for a 300-day period.

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The Viet Minh, a Communist-led common front under the leadership of Ho Chi Minh, then initiated an insurgency against French rule. There were also talks between the French and Americans in which the possible use of three tactical nuclear weapons was considered, though reports of how seriously this was considered and by whom are vague and contradictory.

Elections throughout the country were to be held in 1956 to establish a unified government.

This followed an American psychological warfare campaign, designed by Edward Lansdale for the CIA, which exaggerated anti-Catholic sentiment among the Viet Minh and which falsely claimed the US was about to drop atomic bombs on Hanoi.

If the answer is “nothing,” he said, then that would be tragic.

The DACA youths he knows are determined students, hard-working employees and eager business entrepreneurs.

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