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But otherwise, everything else I just took whatever feelings I had and I didn't design it. KING: All right, you went out with Prince Albert, right? Because normally I'm so candid and open about my private life because I was with John for all of those years, and I -- so now I don't know whether I'm supposed to talk about it or not. DEREK: No, I never -- in mourning I decided not to do anything except I really worked hard not to feel sorry for myself. John, your late husband, actor, director, would have been -- it's two years now, right?

It was dark and moody sometimes, but that's because that's the way he was. DEREK: But I wasn't a thing that had to accommodate. Dudley was more know than I was, but still, I don't think either one of us expected that it would have this kind of impact and change our lives, and it did. KING: And you've been to Europe and ride horses -- you still ride horses? It's terrible, and I'm scared to death of it, too, at the same time. DEREK: I sold the ranch last year, and I'm now living with my sister and her family in the same area. I've never had to go home to an empty house, which is really good. DEREK: I think he wanted me to jump off a bridge or something when he left. KING: The difficulty is the impact he made on your life makes it difficult to follow someone like that?

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