Does updating your iphone relock it

If you are unable to update to i OS 10.0.2 at this time, please refer to the troubleshooting information below. Why doesn’t my Kevo lock or unlock when I touch it?

Due to a bug within i OS 10, Kevo’s Touch-To-Open technology will only work if your Kevo app is open and visible on the phone screen when you touch to lock or unlock the Kevo smart lock.

If the Kevo app is not open and visible, the lock will not lock or unlock.

That bug has been fixed with the release of i OS 10.0.2.

No, the firmware update will need to be completed for each individual lock.Today, Kevo is the most popular smart lock product that uses this mode to deliver an unmatched consumer experience. Yes, e Key management, including the sending, receiving and revoking of e Keys, was not affected by the i OS 10 bug.What happens to friends or family who have an e Key to my Kevo lock?Users running i OS 10 can still operate the lock by opening the Kevo app so it is visible on the phone screen, then touching the lock to engage Touch-to-Open functionality.The bug will only affect e Key recipients using an Apple device running i OS 10.

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