Dating a flight medic

All courses taken are taught by highly professional instructors.

Each individual mechanic has over 10 years experience in the aviation field, ranging from General Aviation, Military, Oil & Gas, Law Enforcement and EMS.

The national average for hourly rate of pay is currently .62 per hour according to statistical data from

There are several factors that can affect a professionals’ salary including location, certifications, years of experience and education.

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Some of these procedures include Surgical Cricothyroidotomy, Needle Cricothyroidotomy, Drug assisted orotracheal Intubation, Ventilator management, Intraosseous Line Placement, Intranasal Medication administration, Gastric tubes, Escharotomy, Arterial/ Venous clamping, Needle Chest Decompression, and Pericardiocentesis.

One of the largest concerns about such a high-demand, highly popular area of expertise is the salary and benefits offered to professionals.

Many wish to know if the annual income and additional perks will be worth the added education, expenses for training and demanding conditions of the field.

Paramedic practice today involves many specialized fields, each with pros and cons as well as varying salaries.

Currently in the United States, the median average salary for a flight paramedic is ,980 annually.

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