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At her victory party, Morasca recalls, “He congratulated me and gave me this half-drunk beer! '” RUPERT & FAMILY Want real romance and not reality romance?That would be Rupert and Laura Boneham, married seven years and going strong.

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“The first time when we got a toothbrush and the second time when there were candy mints.” So how about off-camera?

Their official first date was dinner and a movie; on Valentine’s Day he gave her a diamond bracelet.

In April, five months into their courtship, Rob went to L. to secretly enlist celeb jeweler Cynthia Wolff to help design an engagement ring (see box).

ROB & AMBER At last there were no more backs to stab, no more stale rice to choke down, no more fat naked guys to avoid spooning with at night.

There was only a long bus ride to the airport in Panama after the last tribal council for Rob and Amber, the two finalists from .

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