Updating in spanish Xxx ironi

You will often be asked to show your NIE registration or Residencia documents at the various ministries etc.Always carry photocopies but never allow anyone to retain your original.

Some offices accommodate you inside until your allotted number (in other offices many people are forced to wait outside (whether rain or shine) To overcome some of the waiting problems and costs I offer the following advice: Order an English translation of the Spanish NIE and Residencia forms; they can then be completed at home.Application requirement and the document issued are the same.It is now accepted that where applicants find difficulty in attending a Spanish National Police Station personally, they may apply through a solicitor ( For such services a solicitor normally charges 130 Euros or more.In Spain you cannot legally buy property, a house, car, boat etc without having applied to the police for your NIE number and had your NIE documentation returned.Likewise, you cannot enter into a contract for the supply of electricity, water or a telephone line etc without giving your NIE/NIF number together with your bank details because these services will only accept clients whose bills are paid automatically from a bank.

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