Can i get fired for dating a coworker

Those who work in a company's research and development department may find a similar clause in their contracts where information relates to trade secrets.

However, even for those who don't normally work in areas of the company that deal with sensitive information, it can still create problems when private information about the company is shared publicly.

“And when romance blooms at the office—especially with the boss—it’s disruptive to other employees, triggering questions about fairness, favoritism, transparency, credibility and accountability.

The distraction can tear at even the most cohesive group.” When there’s a power imbalance in a relationship — such as when one participant is responsible for the other participant’s annual review and/or raise — there’s always the potential for disaster.

However, as most of us have learned from playing the "telephone" game as children, stories have a way of morphing over time until they become more fiction than fact.

Some types of gossip can be vindictive and intentionally spread to tarnish someone's reputation.

It’s no wonder, then, that one-third of singles say they’ve embarked on an office romance at some point in their career.Even if you're not in sales or marketing, you represent the ideals and products of the organization.It is in your best interest to consider yourself as an ambassador of your employer in every situation.“Individuals had much different reactions based on how they learned of the romance,” Horan tells .“Being honest and upfront was better received than, let’s say, walking in on your coworkers kissing in the parking garage or hearing it via office gossip.” Most dating relationships don’t end happily-ever-after, so it just makes sense to think about what you’ll do if the romance runs its course. Now imagine having to see them all day, every day at work,” says Horan.

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