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Family members viewed video footage of an aide repeatedly raping their loved one, who was on feeding tubes, after hiding a camera in a stuffed animal in the room. Such a challenging environment provides some context for how serious allegations of sexual assault could be overlooked. In nursing homes housing low-income residents on Medicaid.

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The agency said this is because it takes all forms of abuse seriously.During this analysis, the reporters also categorized allegations based on the severity of abuse and the kind of perpetrator (whether a caregiver, resident or visitor), among other data points.At the end of this weeks-long analysis, CNN concluded that more than 1,000 nursing homes across the country have been cited for somehow mishandling or failing to prevent alleged cases of sexual assault at their facilities in recent years.Of the instances examined, at least a quarter were allegedly perpetrated by aides, nurses and other staff members, while a small portion involved facility visitors (including family members) or unknown assailants.And while most citations dealt with cases of residents abusing other residents, accusations made about caregivers and other workers tended to be far more serious, involving allegations of forced intercourse, oral sex, digital penetration and other forms of sexual assault.

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