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Both of them have been married more than once, and both were childless until last year when Clooney (aged 55 at the time) had twins with Amal, his Human Rights lawyer wife.Despite the clear similarities between them, there is a stark contrast in how the media treats them.I thought I travelled a lot in my past, but I always managed to make sure I could see a place, so I stayed a bit longer, but he is just in and out.It's so tough.' Shanina Shaik and Tyson Beckford have had a rather turbulent past.We put them into one of two boxes: ‘sex object’as soon as they become ‘legal’, and, ’wife and mother’ after the age of 30.If a woman doesn’t fulfill either of these roles society has laid out for her, we think that a) she must be feeling miserable and b) that here is something wrong with her.

Levine's bad-boy image no doubt appealed to self-confessed tomboy Behati, as did the knowledge that, despite having dated other spectacularly good-looking women, it was her who finally tamed the die-hard playboy bachelor.that their first Dublin store will be opening doors that Tuesday morning, right in time to grab some serious Christmas gifts.Or, y’know, spend your November earnings on yourself.When George was single, he was portrayed as a handsome God-like playboy, who led a carefree life whilst dating a merry-go-round of ever-younger models.His life, the media seemed to say, was one that all successful men should be envious of and aspire to.

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