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On this page, we will display some of the questions and answers. at the bottom of the label stand for Barth, Lutchen, and Feinberg, a major musical instrument distributor based out of New York city in the 1920s.

If you prefer not to have your question displayed publicly on this page, just let us know when you write us. They sold ukuleles made by various companies, putting their own labels inside (or having the manufacturer glue in the BL&F label).

The logo with the figures is a version of The Great Seal of the State of Hawaii.

Obviously, the Kumalae ukuleles predate Hawaiian Statehood.

From what I have read this mark was used on many German items much like a patent or trademark.

I am not familiar with the Arion name in particular or German ukulele manufacturers in general.

If you want information about a vintage ukulele, it really helps if we have pictures.

All questions will be answered via email, sent to the address you provide on the form or in your email.

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The model number "5316" is stamped on the neck block. The 5316 was one of their more basic Washburn models, but it is still a nice quality instrument. Is there any information on what the symbols mean or represent?There were likely only a few hundred of these concert ukuleles made with wooden pegs, so they are not common. I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about a Washburn ukulele that I recently purchased from a widow.Her husband collected just about everything and brought this home about 40 years ago, but never played it.They registered a different "Winner" logo in 1926, so I would guess Winner was their brand name and that the logo just changed over the years.I would estimate that your ukulele was made between the late 1920s and the mid 1930s. The metal restrictions during the war forced Martin to use wooden pegs on many of their ukuleles, including some concert ukuleles.

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