Google desktop email gadget not updating

The same can be done for Contacts and the Calendar itself, though if you switch that option, none of the data you’ve just set up will be accessible by the app to start with.I’m one of those who firmly believe that Windows 7 is Microsoft’s best operating system ever. But, Microsoft has done some little blunders with it such as the removal of the calendar application that was introduced in Vista ( I know Windows Live Mail has a calendar but it’s for Windows Live users ), and the removal of some very useful sidebar gadgets such as the Notes and Contacts gadgets.Once these are approved, you should be ready to get your Windows 10 Calendar customized to your specific requirements.After the Calendar is up and running, you’ll notice there are a number of settings that you can change around which will vary depending on the service you linked (i.e – Outlook is different from Google, which itself is different from what’s available in POP3).Once you’re in the settings menu, click on “Accounts”, and then choose the option to “Add account”.From here, you’ll be greeted with a prompt that has several different choices.I had put up the notes gadget for download long ago, now I’ve finally managed to get off my bum and extract the Contacts gadget from Vista.Originally introduced with the Vista Sidebar, this nifty little gadget loads up all the entries in your contacts folder in Windows and displays them in a phonebook style.

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Lastly, if you want to alter how often your Calendar communicates with Google’s servers for new appointments or notification updates, you can access these menus by first going into settings, and then selecting the option for “Accounts”.Clicking on the picture opens up further details of the contact allowing you to access information quickly.Likewise, clicking on the email will open up your default email client, so you’re never more than a few clicks away to send out an email to your contacts.Yes, you read the title correctly — Google has finally updated its Windows app for Windows 10.The company quietly released a new update for Google Search for Windows which brings a cleaner user interface.

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