Dating singles plant a garden together

If he can do it in freezing coastal Maine, you’ve got no excuse!

The onion crop will serve as a good example of how to go about it. If you were growing single plants in rows they would be set 3 inches apart.You can use a bricklayer’s or right-angle trowel to slice underneath each cube, lift it out, and set it in a tray for transport to its permanent garden home. Any additional hardening off is easily accomplished by opening the lights slightly wider.Finally, watering is more forgiving, since your seedlings are connected to the earth and they can’t dry out as quickly as they can in the limited confines of a flat.Four plants in a clump every 12 inches in a row is the same average spacing as one plant every 3 inches.Each onion is allowed just as much total garden space,and the yield is the same. together push each other aside gently and at harvest time are lying in a series of small circles rather than single rows.

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