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You can even assign a file mask, select which files to process, and view the contents of individual pages or files instantly.

Do you need to regularly update or synchronize DBF files? IT professionals, DBF system administrators and many other database users will find the Wizard based DBF Sync tool affordable, indispensable and easy to use for the routine maintenance of their data. Fields highlighting in HV, AV and text highlighting in TV.

Past experience after getting the bios update allows the actual update be .

EXE file self-installing, block by block and then reboot or allow a reboot to complete the task.

Just enter your find and replace options and your done!What you need for recovery===========================*NOTE* the bios update was Phonix bios based, but can also be done for an Award bios update, pay attention to any special needs as they do vary but overall are similar. , other laptop makers follow similar recovery methods1) latest bios update from PC maker2) wincrisis recovery tool (Phoenix supplied)3) HPUSB formatter(optional), Windows own formatter works also4) ext.USB flash drive 1gb works but no bigger than 4gb(I used 2gb)Process Steps==============1) format flash drive in FAT only (pay attention only that drive)2) extract and run wincrisis file (locate folder when done)3) extract and run bios update, DO NOT!After visiting the Dell support website and directly getting the latest bios update, mine being from A02(old) to A08(new) it will be a worthwhile update.However, Dell didn't immediately at the direct d/l webpage supply any instructions to its install.

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