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A break-up isn’t the end for you, it’s simply a new beginning. Comment below with some positive outcomes from your past relationship!

Ali Fedotowsky may have found fame while seeking romance on television with the help of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” but the 32-year-old lifestyle blogger is now enjoying a much simpler life as a wife, mother to a 9-month-old daughter and spokeswoman for The American Egg Board.

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But I do think some of the girls felt they needed to play up the sex thing… So when I went to ‘The Bachelor,’ I came with that mentality of, ‘I don’t really feel comfortable in a bikini and I don’t look like this girl who’s a size 2, but I’m smart and can hold a conversation.’ That’s what carried me through. Martinez earned Fedotowsky’s final rose back in 2010, but the celebrity relationship did not last very long as the couple called off their engagement in November 2011.Now engaged to Kevin Manno, the father of her baby girl, Molly, Fedotowsky claimed her engagement to Martinez was the most successful relationship of her life because she learned so much about herself.Fox New: You mentioned in a previous interview that this recent season featuring Nick Viall had too much sexuality.Fedotowsky: I think it's unfortunate because I felt some of the girls thought they had to show their bodies and be overly sexual in order to win the affections of a man. I was never angry at any of the girls for doing it. FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE ENTERTAINMENT NEWS Fox News: Was there a specific moment that made you feel ‘The Bachelor’ took things too far?

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