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“All of my children are in AA,” boasts proud Papa John Phillips who, at 60, is recovering from hip-replacement surgery in the Palm Springs, Calif., home he shares with his fourth wife, painter Farnaz Arasteh.“It’s quite amazing how they’ve all come through, isn’t it?Here at, a marketplace for all types of codes and discount vouchers, we get to quench your thirst for jaw-dropping deals and probably, the best shopping discounts on the surface of this planet!You save on your purchases and in turn, we earn amazing customers such as you.” Truly amazing, given the crazy patchwork that was their growing-up years.“We’re all like brothers and sisters,” says Owen Elliot-Kugell, the 29-year-old daughter born out of wedlock to Mama Cass Elliot, who died of a massive heart attack at 33 in 1974. We’re bonded by the strangeness of our lives.” The trip began in 1967 when Mackenzie and Jeffrey Phillips, Papa John’s children from a first marriage to Baltimore socialite Susie Adams, would visit their dad’s L. home on weekends, “and the Rolling Stones would be in the living room or the Beatles would be hanging out,” recalls Mackenzie, 36.

“I just made it a point to try and be a part everyone’s lives,” says Mackenzie, who has a 9-year-old son, Shane, from a relationship with musician Shane Fontayne, and is now touring the U. “In some ways you think, ‘Oh, I want the nuclear family, the mom and dad and brother and sister all under one roof,’ ” says Chynna, who lives in the same Manhattan apartment building as half brother Austin and is currently in negotiations for her own TV sitcom. We have to extend ourselves to be with one another, and we make the effort.” Indeed, the rebellious hippie parents seem to have spawned a generation of domesticated nesters.

“I went to high school for a year, and that was enough,” she says.

“I’m in the club scene pretty big, and I like being around people who don’t judge me for anything—even if they think I’m totally out of my mind.” One who clearly doesn’t is Papa John.

She fought to keep their daughter Chynna, now 28, from the pitfalls of being a celebrity’s kid.

“From the time she was 4 years old, she begged me to let her do commercials, movies,” says Michelle. I didn’t let her work until she was 18.” (Chynna was 22 when her band Wilson Phillips scored a No.

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