Trigger updating another table

You don't need to individually create and configure AWS resources and figure out what's dependent on what; AWS Cloud Formation handles all of that.

The following scenarios demonstrate how AWS Cloud Formation can help.

A new Hyper SQL catalog contains an empty schema called PUBLIC.

By default, this schema is the initial schema when a new session is started.

Each catalog contains a special schema called INFORMATION_SCHEMA.

This schema is read-only and contains some views and other schema objects. The catalog name has no relation to the file name of the database. Schema objects are database objects that contain data or govern or perform operations on data.

AWS Cloud Formation is a service that helps you model and set up your Amazon Web Services resources so that you can spend less time managing those resources and more time focusing on your applications that run in AWS.

When you use AWS Cloud Formation, you can reuse your template to set up your resources consistently and repeatedly.New schemas and schema objects can be defined and used in the PUBLIC schema, as well as any new schema that is created by the user. Hyper SQL allows all schemas to be dropped, except the schema that is the default initial schema for new sessions (by default, the PUBLIC schema). CASCADE statement will succeed but will result in an empty schema, rather than no schema.The statements for setting the initial schema for users are described in the Statements for Authorization and Access Control chapter. The name belongs to the name-space for the particular kind of schema object. For example, each schema has a separate name-space for TRIGGER objects. Each table has a name-space for the names of its columns. However, when they are referenced in a statement, no schema prefix is necessary.When you use that template to create an AWS Cloud Formation stack, AWS Cloud Formation provisions the Auto Scaling group, load balancer, and database for you.After the stack has been successfully created, your AWS resources are up and running.

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