Tyra trust your dating instincts

Then he’d ride ahead, get off the bike, and expose himself to me. The thing is, I was scared afterwards but I was mostly angry at having to deal with such nonsense, just because I’m a woman. I found a really cool bear spray that has a little handle thing on it, so I just put it on my hand when i’m walking/running – or I just put it in my pocket… That is scary and the situation just has too many creep=factors to think that it could have been innocent. I’m glad you are safe and that you called the police about it – who knows, your actions could have saved someone else who didn’t know to listen to their gut. So glad you did the right thing in this situation and that you are alright!

I reported it and such, but I’m running elsewhere from now on, where there are more people around. glad you are safe and sound though, that guy sounds like a creaper. I always run my shorter (early morning) runs just around the neighbourhood and they never last more than an hour.

To buy it you have to sign a waiver saying you will not use it on people. I think it was innocent enough (i.e., he was just drunk and curious at the foreign redhead) but I didn’t take it lightly at all. You were so right to trust your instincts, you never know what might have happened, and you surely don’t want to find out! Compared to being alive and kicking, the loss of a piece of clothing is no big deal.

In Canada, if you were to use it on a person you could be fined 0,000 or jailed for 3 years. I finishing a run, a few houses down from mine, and it seemed like a car was going really slowly, almost following me. I immediately told my supervisor about it and was given rides home for two weeks after than and then when I did start walking home again I made sure to stay on the side of the street where there were the least amount of bars and never strayed off the main, more well-lit, road. We women should definitely trust our gut much more often.

I think that mace and pepper spray are technically legal in Canada, but you have to say that its intended for use against animals only. Then they stopped to ask directions and I shouted them out and just kept going. I work in law enforcement and I see the worst of the worst. I usually trust myself to know what’s good for me but just like Jenny above, I find myself saying yes too much to my own taste…

Reply Oh Angela, I’m so sorry that happened to you. gives me the heebie jeebies just picturing the situation, maybe it’s because you described it so well. Thanks for sharing this with us-I will definitely be morebcareful from now on! Reply That is so odd that you mention the show with Oprah and trusting your gut instincts because just a few weeks ago, i left my house before the sun rose and before i got to my car, i saw a man or someone ducking behind a car a few rows next to mine, like crouching/hiding.it could have easily been someone hiding, ready steal my car or kidnap me!! Reply I wrote it about here: i didn’t mention that the first thing I thought of was OPRAH because i thought it sounded funny, lmao!!You did the right thing, though, and it’s better to be careful the next few weeks until you feel settled down.Something similar happened to me a couple of weeks ago on my regular morning run–a really creepy guy on a bike kept riding around me, slowing down and gawping.

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