Best dating site for dog lovers

"Matching with someone who already shares your love for dogs only increases the chance for a real connection—plus everyone knows that dogs make the best wingmen."Of course, by using this app, you run the risk of liking the dog more than the man.

But let's be honest: An afternoon spent playing fetch with a guy and his freakishly cute dog is time well spent, no matter how things work out.

Not only are they your best friend, but if a potential partner doesn’t like your dog, it’s never going to work.

That’s why it seems so perfect to have a dating app that brings your dog into the love match.

Pets Passions gives people who are part of the Pet Loving community a place to find one another.

You are welcome to use Pets Passions solely as a dating site, since it has all the major features found on mainstream dating sites (e.g.

I think most single dog lovers have tried to use their dog to pick up someone, or at least hoped that their dog might spark a conversation with someone they want to date.

Because let’s face it, a true dog lover has to involve their dog in the dating process.

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Then you can swipe through other users' profiles, thumbing left to "ignore" and right to "match" with a man and his dog.” I sort of just thought one day, what if you could connect over something a lot more interesting and important?And that’s when I came to the idea of connecting over something as important as our pups, who play such a big role in our lives. I am originally from the Cincinnati area of Ohio, but came up to Cleveland about 10 years ago to do my undergrad at Case.If both users like each other, they can chat more or meet in person, most likely at a dog park!"Most dating apps focus solely on appearances, which often leads nowhere," Dave Mc Clure, CEO of 500 Startups, the parent company to the app, said in a press release.

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