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The dating of land surfaces has long posed problems for geomorphologists.

Relative methods (stratigraphic, geomorphic, topographic) are sound and convincing.

’ Like I said already it all depends on what you want from life and from marriage.

And yes, if you can sneak up on the lovers photograph them having sex at that hotel down the road from your house. Couldn’t even go far away to have his sleazy affairs.

Don’t forget to get names and addresses of the women you have reasonable grounds to believe are having adulterous affairs with your husband.

They must be included in the action as co-respondents.

Note that for adultery to prove irretrievable breakdown of marriage it need only happen once and it has to have happened in the three years before your petition.

Also a petitioner (that is the person asking the court for a divorce, the other fellow is the respondent) cannot use their own adultery as proof.

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