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That said whenever they decided to get married I would fully support them -- lest anyone mistake me for an anti.The two of them are well known to be extremely close friends."He responded, "It's not a situation that lets me cook at home, so we usually eat out. I saw Rainbow member Jisook's kitchen interior on 'Old House, New House', and I wanted it for myself," adding, "My girlfriend and I drink a lot of tea in the kitchen, and I want to take this opportunity to make a brand new space."This episode airs on June 9 KST! Fans noticed the two wearing couple rings in social media photos as well. Viewers may remember Choi Ye Seul from SBS' 'That Winter, the Wind Blows' and MBC's ' Angry Mom'. O will be discharged from his mandatory military service in February of 2018. The unexpected dating news surprised many, especially due to the couple's 12-year age gap.

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So they have been dating for 10 months, but since he renovated his kitchen, which was described as old and full of broken appliances in the other akp article, they have to be getting married?

Singer Alex upgraded his kitchen interior for his girlfriend Rainbow's Hyunyoung on the latest filming of JTBC's 'Old House, New House'. you're disgusting for criticising someone based solely on her looks, whether her appearance is natural or has had some work done.

SEE ALSO: [OP-ED] A cry for women in the Chungmuro film industry Alex requested for the show to come in and re-do his kitchen, which was unexpectedly out of date with broken appliances. there's more to life than just looks u know, im sure he dates her bcs she has a personality, attitude, character, etc that he's attracted to and im sure he sees her as a great potential wife.

But the vibe to him just rubs me in a negative way.

Their mutual friend stated, "Alex and Hyunyoung have been dating for four months.

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