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(Hilariously, she's probably right more than she's wrong.The fictional Rosewood, Pa., is apparently known for its beautiful fall foliage and creepy axe murders around every corner.) Emily (Shay Mitchell) is the athlete of the group who came out as a lesbian in a well-done arc in the first season.Conversely the show also has a strong became a plot point in one of the episodes."They're just punking us now," I thought to myself.) Aria's affair with her high school English teacher is a major ongoing storyline in the show., however, would pass this test with flying colors.The girls have a lot besides romance on their minds.Meanwhile, if there is an older guy in Rosewood chances are he will either be dating or trying to date a teenage girl.

In fact, you could argue that the romances of the show are all secondary to the girl's friendship with each other.

It sets up viewers to expect a certain kind of now-familiar teen trope: pretty people doing terrible things in nice clothes.

What it doesn't prime viewers for is the subtle feminism that runs through the show.

While watching with my friend recently, I noted that maybe the least creepy guy on the show started his run by literally living in the vents at their high school like a homeless are the opposite.

Most are usually perceived as a threat before they ultimately show themselves to be either friend or foe.

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