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In February, temperatures in Denver are about one degree warmer than in January, with 7 inches (18 cm) of snowfall.Denver weather in March: Temperatures are slightly higher in March which is the month with the most snowfall of 11 inches (28 cm), making it a great time to visit for skiers and snowboarders.It is also possible this is a reprint of an older photograph made for some reason – marriage or death are two possibilities.With good reason, this is a beautiful example of understated embellishment.Susan looks to be in her 30s to 40s in this image, and while her dress does not display the typical 1890s traits of balloon sleeves and high neck, the edges of the cabinet card are in a deckle style that was not available before the 1890s.Susan may have been a simple, conservative woman who really liked and felt good in this dress.

January is a great month for skiing and other winter sports.

He was in business in 1865, at which time tax records show he paid the Federal Luxury tax on photographs that was established to help defray the costs of the Civil War. Each photo was taxed at 10%, and there is some equation that can tell us how many photos he collected the tax on, but I get confused on how much to multiply – it was either 58 or 580.

This is important because it can suggest how prolific he was. If he was paying that much per month, then we can extrapolate how much he paid in tax, and then how many photos he took per year, etc etc.

He thrived in the photography business until his unexpected death in 1904 at the age of 59, which was recorded not only in the newspaper but also the U. UPDATE: A pair of site readers have helped to solve some of the mystery!

Geno let us know that the name is Mc Sparrin, and Katie P found that Susan Mc Sparrin was married to Charles E. They and their son, Bruce Darlington, lived in Dayton, PA.

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    The first is often linked to the company's stated dress code and whether you're following 'the rules'.

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