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Doctors are still not 100% sure of the exact cause and pathways of a Migraine attack, but the most recent theory focuses on the central nervous system.

Studies indicate that between 60 and 95% of people with Migraine experience migraine nausea, and about 50-60% experience vomiting.

Metocloperimide, ondansetron, promethazine and domperidone are some of the medications prescribed for nausea relief.

Vitamin B6 is commonly used among pregnant women as a safe way to relieve nausea associated with morning sickness. Amaal Starling, it is among the most commonly used natural ways to treat nausea.

Sometimes the digestive system slows in the intestines, too, leading to constipation.

Gastric stasis and the nausea it causes makes eating during a migraine attack very difficult, if not impossible.

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