Independent baptist dating

Granted, we know that most denominations are of the Devil; such as Roman Catholicism, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Churches of Christ, Lutherans and Seventh Day Adventism. There is no universal church, which is what the word Catholic means.

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There are some good Christians within the Presbyterian, Methodist and certain other groups. Until then the Bible teaches that where two or more are gathered in Jesus' name, He is in the midst (a church, ekklesia, a calling out, a popular meeting).

Fundamental means avoided new and strange doctrines that are foreign to the Historical Christian faith.

Many authors today are claiming new insights into the Scriptures, the alleged discovery of missing books of the Bible, and other bogus claims against the Christian faith.

After an 8-year ban against Walt Disney's hideous Gay Day, leaders at the Southern Baptist Convention gave in to pressure from member churches to lift the ban, so their members could attend Disney World.

This is where Christianity is at in America today, and it's a sad commentary.

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