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This is also more the case when the plant is a clone.

However, there are other ways to find out if any of your plants are hermaphrodites.

Its origins lie in Greek mythology and the story of Hermaphroditus, a child of the gods Hermes and Aphrodite.

Born a male, he was the object of the nymph Salmacis’ affection.

As a young artist, Jones was at the forefront of British Pop Art but is now best know for his erotic and fetish-like explorations of the female figure.

The final stage of judging for the John Moores Painting Prize drew to a close last week, so I caught up with artist and juror Phoebe Unwin, to get an insight into the judging and her thoughts on the final exhibition: What has it been like for you during the final stage of judging?

While it is fairly easy to spot the gender difference, cannabis does come with a curveball. And female plants can switch to this state during growing stress. There are female plants, from which the actual bud flower comes. However, the cannabis plant is a bit odd in this respect.

Female plants can turn hermaphrodite in certain circumstances - meaning they are both male and female.

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‘Hermaphrodite’ can be read as a metaphorical self-portrait of Jones's own artistic quest.As in the human world, hermaphrodite plants are considered a bit strange. The plant will develop little green shoots or pre-flowers here.The plant may show pre-flowers when in the vegetative or growing stage.The artist went on to develop his understanding of Jung and Nietzsches’ theories and to use sexual imagery in his work as a direct analogy for the creative act.The term hermaphrodite was historically used to describe people with ambiguous genitalia or gender.

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