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After becoming close to Leon in the X Factor house Emily dumped her then-boyfriend to be with Leon, and they went public in November 2008. Finalists claimed they were inseparable in the house – an insider said: "Amelia and Frankie kiss and cuddle all the time and everyone else living in the house is getting sick of it."But Amelia was sent home in the first week, and then, in a strange turn of events, Frankie was later kicked off the show for allegedly boasting of drug-taking sessions – and Amelia was brought back in to replace him!

Anyway, there was speculation a brief fling BUT Frankie is adamant the two were only ever friends.

There was a bit of an age gap, Harry being just 17 and Caroline 32, which led to heavy criticism from some One Direction fans.

Caroline revealed she was subject to death threats, and in her autobiography she wrote: "In the street people started shouting 'paedophile' at me in the street and 'pervert'."There was a moment when we just thought, shit, this has gone really dark.

Zayn had been on the show the year before as part of One Direction (also put together by Simon Cowell). Liam and Danielle started dating in 2010 after meeting on the show: Liam was a contestant and Danielle was working as a dancer.

The lovebirds went public in May 2012, but in August that year their relationship was rocked by cheating rumours – they stayed together though and got a dog (!! But in September 2012 it was rumoured that they had split – which Liam later confirmed.

Apparently mega FIT Matt Linnen and Grace Davies had a little fling (read about that here), and now everyone’s keen for Holly Tandy and Sean from Sean and Conor Price to become a thing.

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This was another controversial one: Cazza and Hazza met in 2011 – Caroline was The Xtra Factor host at the time.Simon Cowell described them as "two young kids in love." ADiana dumped her then-boyfriend to be with Eoghan, but a few months later she dumped Eoghan too. Perrie Edwards wasn't Zayn's first The X Factor romance: he briefly dated Geneva Lane from Belle Amie in 2010, but it didn't last long.A few months later they ended things again, but in January this year a source told The Sun they are "giving things another go." Tamera and Sam sparked up a love affair in 2013 after meeting on the show, but Sam said it was difficult for them to get any alone time in the X Factor house.He told The Sun: "I'd sneak into Tamera's room in the middle of the night to say goodnight and have a private intimate moment but never for long."After the show they dated briefly – and Tamera stood by Sam after he was caught sending pics to a glamour girl.

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