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The marriage saved about ,000 in taxes, the Irish Mirror reported.O’Sullivan would have been forced to sell the house to pay the taxes upon inheriting it from Murphy.He said: “Even now, I have trouble going on to the internet and I can’t use Facebook any more.I wake up every morning and what is always in my head is that I don’t know if that video still exists or not.The suspect, aged 31, appeared at Bucharest Municipal Court accused of producing and distributing indecent images of children and blackmail.POLICE warned last year Brits are being targeted by organised gangs tricking people into stripping off or performing sex acts online and using the footage as blackmail.“The police told me that people have committed suicide because of this, I can understand why.You feel destroyed.” His family said the teenager was subjected to a “relentless” campaign of bullying by a Nigerian gang and was duped into posting intimate photos online after receiving pictures of a girl.

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The NPCC said gangs were making millions from the scam, with thousands of victims too afraid to come forward.Matt Murphy and Michael O’Sullivan have been friends for 30 years, The Irish Times reported.“I love Matt and he loves me, as friends,” O’Sullivan told The Times following their ceremony.“I said I could not afford £500, she said £200 was the lowest. “I offered to go to the bank but went to the police station instead.I was trembling throughout the whole thing, shaking and thinking ‘what’s going to happen? This will ruin my life and did not know what to do. ’ I thought about suicide, it would have been too embarrassing. But I went to the police, and kept her talking by saying I was at the bank.” And, it doesn’t just affect the young.

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