Sex subcription

The boxes are geared to women, and everything arrives in a discreet, unmarked packaging.

Subscribers should expect each delivery to include between five and 10 items.

You also have the choice of getting a box delivered every three months for .

Of course, the contents of this box all revolve around a women's sexual experience, whether it be safety, hygiene, or pleasure.

Each month, a box filled with products that are curated on a theme, research trends, or on customer feedback are delivered to subscribers' doors.

Luckily, brands like Sustain Naturals are making strides by launching products like condoms or lube with vagina-friendly ingredients that aren’t just marketed towards men, and now there is even a subscription box designed to make chatting and learning about the topic a little more comfortable—and hopefully in the future, the norm.

The program, which officially launched in December, is called What's in Your Box, and like many of your other subscription services, it delivers a box of items to your doorstep monthly for .50.

A selection of specially curated themed boxes will be available, too, such as the "Blushing Bride" for wedding night, honeymoon or bachelorette parties, and a Valentine's Day box that will be available early next year. It goes out once a quarter, and costs for pay-as-you-go or a yearly subscription costs 0.

That's steeper than say, Birchbox, which is 0 for a 12-month subscription (though it's mostly all small-sized samples).

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