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If you change your name when you get married or make a legal name change for other reasons, the change must be shown on your passport.If you've had your passport for less than a year, you'll need to complete and mail in form DS-5504. If you've had your passport for more than one year, you'll have to renew your passport using form DS-82 and pay the renewal fee.Because addresses aren't listed on American passports, there is no need to fill out paperwork to update your passport if you find a new home.There are, however, certain other circumstances that do require you to make changes to your passport.As long as your passport is still valid, you can complete and mail in form DS-4085 to receive additional visa pages.Along with the form, you will have to send in your current passport and a fee to cover the addition of new pages.If you take this option ensure you travel with a copy of your marriage certificate and ALWAYS book travel under the name that CURRENTLY appears in your passport.You must update either your provincial driver's license (all provinces) or provincial health care card (except residents from AB, MB, NL) before applying for a name change in your Canadian Passport, as one of these documents in your new name must be submitted along with your current passport.

If you applied in person at a Passport Program office, the status should be available in 5 business days.

If you receive your passport and find there's an error in the spelling of your name or any other information, you will need to have it changed.

To make the change you'll need to complete form DS-5504 and send in your passport. In some circumstances, such as if your passport is lost or stolen, you may be issued a limited passport.

NEXUS members can access the Trusted Traveler Programs (TTP) System to update address changes and passport information that is already on file.

Even if you did not apply using the TTP System, you can still confirm or update your information by creating a TTP System account, which enables you to view and modify your file.

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