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It means that people in recovery get stressed easily. Those in recovery are typically more open-minded than the rest of society. Whether or not they want to admit it, many people in recovery rely heavily on others.

Some doctors believe that this trait is why they’re open to receiving treatment in the first place. This co-dependency makes many of them go girl or guy crazy and start many new relationships.

Lintz, who lives in Hicksville, has a story that echoes across Long Island and the United States: She was, she said, raised in a good family with parents who loved her and her three younger sisters.

And yet she always struggled with ADHD and anxiety. "When I first started drinking in excess, at 14 or 15, I was always just trying to get out of myself.

But when she saw she "couldn't change him," she decided to try them and see "what the hell was so good about them.

From that first painkiller, Percocet, I was addicted.

"The 'medicine" wasn't there and I had nothing to help me cope with life, I was left to my own devices. "My family is a huge part of my story, my recovery." Out of jail, on top of trying to stay clean with no outlets and no meetings, Lintz said she "begged the court" to send her to rehab as a condition of her sentence. I really just needed help, someone to say they would send me to rehab." That moment, she said, was what ultimately led her to begin speaking on addiction in order to shed light on the realities that are faced by addicts who are trying to find a way out of the darkness.

For instance, being supportive can be helpful in almost any relationship, but especially when dating someone in recovery. Help them solve their problems and provide emotional support. In a relationship, it’s essential for lovers to refrain from being judgmental.

When arguments occur, don’t throw their addiction in their face.

I wasn't taking the suggestions from meetings or looking for spirituality." Lintz said she later met another man with whom she used drugs. But because her charge was robbery- and not drug-related, that option was not considered. Lintz said she was sentenced to five years of probation after her violent felony charge and her driver's license was revoked.

Once again, she said, her family rallied to her side, paying for rehab because her insurance didn't cover in-patient treatment.

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